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Headshot of author Amanda Calhoun
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Amanda Calhoun

Amanda Joy Calhoun, MD, MPH, is an Adult/Child Psychiatry Resident at Yale Child Study Center/Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Calhoun graduated from Yale University with a BA in Spanish and received her MD/MPH from Saint Louis University School of Medicine, in St. Louis, Missouri, where she grew up. Dr. Calhoun’s research, which focuses on the mental health effects of anti-Black racism in children, has been funded by multiple research awards. Dr. Calhoun also specializes in the effects of medical anti-Black racism. She writes for both academic journals as well as general press and has published in New England Journal of Medicine, TIME magazine, Washington Post, HuffPost, and many others. Dr. Calhoun is a Fellowship Leader of the OpEd Project, a public speaker, a consultant, and a guest instructor for a Yale Undergraduate Course focusing on the history of medical anti-Black racism. She has appeared on CBS News, PBS Newshour, and most recently, MSNBC, discussing issues of racism affecting the health of Black people.