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Kahlia Bakosi

Kahlia Bakosi is a promising crime fiction writer with a unique and multifaceted background. Her professional journey has encompassed roles as a songwriter, librarian, primary school teacher, and playwright--she can now add novelist to the list.

Her writing is enriched by the subtleties of her British Nigerian heritage, having grown up in Brixton, South London. Kahlia's synesthesia lends a captivating dimension to her work, infusing her narratives with a vivid, sensory palette.

In 2019, Kahlia secured a coveted position in the esteemed Killer Women mentoring program, under the guidance of the accomplished author Jane Casey. Subsequently, in 2022, her forthcoming debut novel, The Case of Mrs. Oluremi, garnered the attention and representation of literary agent Hayley Steed, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Kahlia is a devoted mother of two.