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Merritt Turetsky

Merritt is an internationally acclaimed climate scientist, renowned for her research and teaching on bogs. She’s published hundreds of scientific articles on bogs’ importance to global climate and has travelled the world to understand bogs in the global north and the global south. She has provided counsel to governments, northern communities, and professional networks from around the world to better understand the importance of bogs to the global climate.

Turetsky is a founding member and advisory board member of the international Permafrost Carbon Network, an advisor to NASA’s Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment, and in 2020 she was awarded the Web of Science’s Highly Cited Researcher. In addition to her published academic research, Dr Turetsky serves as the science advisor to the magazine EOS, has written for The Conversation, and her media engagement includes CNN, PBS Newshour, BBC, and her own science program on Canada’s CTV.