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Escape to Starshine Cove

Escape to Starshine Cove

published by Storm Publishing (2023)

Ella Farrell has reached breaking point. Shattered by her job and her boyfriend’s recent betrayal, she grabs her stuff and flees down the coast. When her car breaks down a few miles short of Cornwall, she’s astonished by what she finds. Not on any map, the tiny seaside village of Starshine Cove is too perfect for words. A cobbled lane lined with pretty, thatched cottages slopes towards a pristine white beach… has she finally lost it, or is this place for real?

Spotting a little café perched on the edge of the cove, Ella settles into a slice of homemade raspberry cheesecake and finds herself charmed by Connie, the café’s chatty, Dolly Parton-lookalike owner. And, as days unexpectedly turn into weeks, Ella warms to the quirky seaside village and its residents, especially the stunning Jake, landlord of the Starshine Inn. Ella’s heart does a little flip-flop whenever their eyes meet. Jake also came to Starshine Cove by chance – was he running away from something?

Just as Ella feels the tension she’s carried for so long starting to ease, the past comes knocking on her rustic, driftwood door. Will Ella find the strength to embrace this place and forge a new path, or is Starshine Cove – and her growing connection with Jake – simply too good a dream to last?

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