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Football School: Where Football Explains the World

Football School: Where Football Explains the World

published by Walker Books (2016)
A funny, fact-filled and fascinating book that celebrates the joy of football and shows how it explains the world.

Two successful popular science and football writers team up to explain the world to children through football. In a snappy, entertaining question and answer format, they will use engaging anecdotes from international football to cover issues of physics (are tall players better than small players?), psychology (how do you save a penalty?), finance (why do footballers earn so much?), biology (how do footballers find the right time to go to the toilet?) and much more. Their well-honed skills as narrative non-fiction writers mean they write in a wonderfully accessible, funny but un-patronising way. They are also both seasoned public speakers, appearing regularly at events, and on TV and radio ? experience they will put to good use in creating an entertaining double act to tour schools and festivals.

Co-authored with Ben Lyttleton.

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