Janklow & Nesbit UK

Moro: The Cookbook

published by Ebury (2003)

The Moro restaurant was born out of a desire to cook within the wonderful tradition of Mediterranean food, and to explore exotic flavours little known in the UK. It is one of the most talked about restaurants of recent years, of which Nigella Lawson said 'Moro is to Spanish food what the River Cafe is to Italian', and which in 1998 won both the Time Out and BBC Good Food awards for Best New Restaurant. In Moro- The Cookbook chefs Sam and Sam Clark have distilled the restaurant's most accomplished and delicious recipes, the dishes that have ensured its extraordinary success. The Moro menu encompasses dishes that originated in Spain and dishes from the Muslim Mediterranean, two areas linked in history by the Moors' 700-year occupation of Spain. 

The book is much more than a simple catalogue of recipes - Sam and Sam also communicate the romance and tradition inherent in each dish and their writing is informed by an intimate knowledge of long-established culinary and cultural traditions. In a market saturated with impersonal restaurant cookbooks, this book has a refreshingly different feel. It oozes character and is written and designed with palpable passion and insight.

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