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Stuck With Him

Stuck With Him

published by Bookouture (2022)

Lucy Clark has just bought a house with her worst enemy.

Some might say she’s crazy, that her sanity cracked the night she lost her business, her best friend and her house in one great margarita-themed disaster. But not Lucy, she knows that the final straw was when Zack – Mr ‘I’m your infuriatingly laidback yet impossibly ripped new yoga teacher’ – decided to put in a competing offer to buy her childhood home. Which, as it turns out, neither of them can actually afford.

But Lucy isn’t a type-A perfectionist for nothing: there is no way she’s backing down without those front door keys in her hand. No price is too high, and if Zack thinks they should become housemates to afford the mortgage together… well, he’d better be prepared. But when Zack moves in – with his weird health food in the fridge and non-existent sleepwear – Lucy realises that maybe she’s the one with no clue what’s coming…

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