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Unlocked: The Real Science of Screen Time (and how to spend it better)

published by Piatkus Books (2024)

Most of us spend a significant part of the day in front of a screen. Our work and social lives play out through our computers and phones: on email, social media, video conference calls and gaming servers. But what is all this screen time doing to our health, our sleep, and our relationships?

Professor Pete Etchells studies the way screens affect our brains. In UNLOCKED, he delves into the real science behind the panic about our alleged device addiction and withering attention spans. Armed with the latest research, he reveals how little we have to fear, and the great deal we have to gain, by establishing a positive relationship with our screens and asking ourselves some essential questions about how we use them.

Instead of clamouring for us to ditch our devices (before guiltily returning to the same old habits), UNLOCKED is a sustainable, realistic and vital guide to transforming our connection with technology.

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